Permaculture on the Rise: A Philosophy in Action

Excerpt: millisoneggsAndrew Millison’s yard is like a jungle. Not just an ordinary jungle, but a veritable cornucopia of flowers, herbs, food, and living materials. While certainly eclectic at first glance, after listening to Millison speak, a sort of order emerges through the chaos. Upon further investigation, one becomes aware of the underlying philosophy of this permaculture landscape.

I had some time to walk Millison’s yard while he got ready to give me a tour. The front is less a yard and more a series of paths situated between pea vines, herbs, and a living chair of interwoven willow known as the Throne. An archway of woven willow provides a portal to the sidewalk while a sturdy board bridges a small overflow pond to the front door. Everywhere bees zip in and out of shady pockets, pollinating the profusion of plant life.

Millison himself is a permaculture designer and instructor. Through the OSU Extension Service Millison offers a series of online permaculture design courses culminating in a permaculture design certification. His work as a designer began in the dry lands of Arizona where issues of water conservation and torrential heat are forefront. Although the conditions are different here, the thought process remains the same wherever you are.

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