How OSU’s Dr. Ripple Has Helped Rewrite the Laws on Predators

Excerpt: Predators often get a bad rap in our densely populated modern world. Between the billions of livestock roaming the countryside and our ever-expanding city limits, predators are regularly removed from the environment. For much of our history this meant little to us; not all that long ago there was a marked absence in our understanding of how these animals fit into the ecosystem as a whole. However Oregon State University’s own Dr. Bill Ripple made a discovery in the late 90s that shed some light on their unique roles and has ultimately led to collaboration with researchers around the world.

Ripple, now a Distinguished Professor and well known researcher, was just doing what comes naturally when he is curious. We call this the Ripple Effect. What exactly is the Ripple Effect you may wonder? In short it is the insatiable quest to unravel the mysteries of the natural world that is triggered when Ripple gets intrigued. However the easiest way to understand this phenomena of nature is to study the habitat, if you will, in which Ripple has evolved – and that is what we are here to do.

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Corvallis Advocate


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