Restaurant News: Two Openings and an Odd Phone Call

BigRiver-290x290Excerpt: Restaurant News: Two Openings and an Odd Phone Call

By its nature, the landscape of Corvallis restaurants is in constant flux, so the offering of an occasional field guide seems a useful endeavor. After all, we wouldn’t want you to miss anything. This time around, an old fave goes on the block and two newbies open for business.

Big River Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Dat
Big River for sale, what? That’s right, the beloved Big River Restaurant & Bar has been listed on the Willamette MLS for $925,000.

The Show Opens
Craving Chinese fast food but want to feel good about yourself afterward? Check out The Show at 1915 NW 9th Street. For a quick, healthy meal full of authentic Chinese flavor, The Show really takes the tea egg. The place is right down the street from Panda Express, but a world away in terms of authenticity and service—the Panda has been much maligned on our pages in the past.

Coffee Break Opens Fresh
If you are looking for a coffee shop with the flavors of home, check out the newly opened Coffee Break Café. Located on 4th Street between Monroe and Madison, the Coffee Break had its grand opening on Jan. 1.

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