At the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, a young girl has a connection with a newly hatched chick.  In this exhibit, chicken eggs are incubated on one side of a divider while on the other side, newly hatched chicks are free to roam.  This was by far one of the most popular exhibits I saw, children and adults alike loved to watch as tiny lives entered this world and took their first steps.  For many children who grow up in the city, this may be the first time they have had such a close look at the beginnings of another creature’s life.

Children seem to have a great affinity with life.  They form connections easily with animals and other children, even before they have fully learned the art of speech.  This little girl was in her own world with that chick.  She poked the glass and slide her finger across the glass and the chick would follow, stopping occasionally to look up at her.  The chick was only a few hours old, but the smile it fostered on the girl’s face was timeless.




4 thoughts on “Youngesters

  1. I remember that exhibit. It goes to show how far removed we are from animals and nature when we live exclusively in towns and cities. Yet we still yearn for that connection to the natural world.

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