The Examiner

Along a lonely dirt road near an abandoned gold mine stood the remains of an old shack.  One end had completely collapsed and the other leaned heavily on the remnant roof.  Scattered about the weathered wood and protruding grasses were tattered papers, some caught in the surrounding sage brush as the wind from the previous night had died down.  Upon closer inspection, the papers turned out to be artifacts from a world long passed.  A brief glimpse into the heritage of the manifest destiny calling the young nation to the West.
13760125255_ede2a58eb1_o  An article detailing a train robbery on a South Pacific line lay in the dirt nearby.  A reality we in the twenty first century think of as the stuff of Clint Eastwood or John Wayne movies.  It is easy to forget how rapidly the world has changed in the last hundred years in many ways.  With out modern media, information across the planet is at our finger tips.  Many of us today have never known any other way, and nearly every person alive today grew up with access to a radio at the very least.  Reports from China, Russia, Japan, come into out homes and our lives, spoken directly to us within days, hours, even minutes.  How long must the inhabitants of this tiny shack waited until they received word of the train robbery?

3 thoughts on “The Examiner

  1. Your discoveries of these bits and pieces of the past are fascinating! How quickly we forget how different life was not so long ago.

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